Essential Oils for Hair

Essential Oils for Hair

Essential oils for your hair have many benefits.  Do you need to treat dry hair, promote hair growth, help with dandruff, etc... Just look below and see what oil would be best for your hair, then check out some of our shampoo and conditioner bars;

Tea Tree Oil:  Helps to treat dandruff, itching and inflammation; promotes thickness and growth

Peppermint:  Helps decrease itchiness and can treat dandriff and lice. Properties to promote hair growth.  promotes a cooling effect, helps to attain stronger roots, and overall healthy hair.

Lavender: Also helps with dandruff, booths hair growth, very good for rejuvenating your scalp, releaving stress.

Lemon: Unclog pores of the scalp and balance sebum levels which can help stimulate hair follicles. Helps promote hair thickness.

Jasmine:  One of the best oils for dry hair. helps decrease frizziness, and create luxurious locks.

Orange:  Helps decrease hair loss, and moisturizes the hair shaft and helps promote a healthy scalp.

Grapefruit:  Its' anti-bacterial properties helps reduce dandruff, and promote overall hair health. It's a brightening ingredient to give shiny locks.


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