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Moose Meadow Soaps

FACE moisturizer

FACE moisturizer

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Kiss your face with FACE. I have been using this cream on my face for months now. I tweaked it a little each time to find the perfect night cream. I love this stuff and cannot go without it. This is FACE made with rose hip oil. Rose hip oil has so many benefits for the skin…diminishing dark spots, reducing fine wrinkles, evens skin tone, and much more. This super hydrating and nourishing skin salve plump your skin with moisture. Good for all skin types.

Always read ingredients for allergies and due a 24 hour allergy test before continuing use. Stop if rash occurs. Please email me if you have a nut allergy as I can substitute almond oil.

Per FDA guidelines;  There are no claims this product can heal skin diseases or conditions.


Ingredients: beeswax, almond oil (can be substituted if allergy), jojoba oil, mango butter, vit. E., rosehip oil, carrot seed oil, and many different essential oils may be added for benefits such as patchouli, frankincense, geranium

How to use

Just wash your face with your cleanser at night (we make a face cleansing soap that goes great with FACE night salve). Use a dime size or less of this and rub all over your face, lips, and neck. It takes about 20 minutes to completely absorb in. Simply go to bed and let the rich oils and vitamins absorb in during the night. When you wake up, your skin will have absorbed all of the benefits of rose hip. You should not wash your face in the morning simply leave alone or you can put your make up on for the day. You can do this as a nightly regimen or to your preference. I, myself, use nightly. Great for all skin types. You will decide your routine. Just remember, a little goes a long way.

Keep in a room temp or slightly cooler. Heat melts oils so keep away from heat. Keep water out of this salve to keep from growing mold. There is no water in this salve so it will last as long as you keep it in a good storage place.


ships within 7-10 business day

Return policy

Due to product being homemade we do not except returns. Please email wtih any questions to

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About Moose Meadow Soaps

We came up with our name simply because we have so many moose where we live. Watching these majestic creatures walk through our meadow, gave us the idea for our name.