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Moose Meadow Soaps

Moose Deodorant (aluminum free)

Moose Deodorant (aluminum free)

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Natural deodorant will keep you dry and aluminum free. Aluminum react with sweat clogging pores which keeps you from sweating. Our bodies need to sweat however, you do not have to smell bad. natural deodorants do not clog your pores and keep the stink away leaving you feeling fresh and dry.

Some people are sensitive to baking soda, if this is the case, stop use if a rash occurs and notify me, as we also make a baking soda free deodorant and this may be for you. There are many benefits of using natural deodorant, finding the right one for you may take time.

These sticks are 3 oz each and will last 6 month to a year. Yes that long. You do not need to put a lot on.

Since using this, both my husband and I only need to put deodorant on every other day at most. He has no more nasty brown stains in his shirt and goes all day dry. He was a huge skeptic and now will only use natural deodorant. I, myself, feel the same way.

Always read ingredient label for allergies and do a test to make sure you don't break out. I do make a few different recipes to cater to different skin types.

*** This product has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


My ingredients consist of beeswax, which has anti-inflammatory properties, baking soda which is a known odor absorbing agent, coconut oil and shea butter which is great for moisturizing your skin, arrowroot powder another absorbing ingredient, and essential oils.

How to use

Best way to apply. If you first start using natural deodorant and notice your arm pits begin to feel sore and swollen, you may need to use a bentonite clay paste to draw out all of the aluminum you have been building up in your system. Message me for details. Once you have detoxed, them you are ready to go natural. Do not put deodorant on right after you have shaved, wait until the next morning. Putting on right after shaving may irritate the skin. (I have done this). Right out of the shower keep your underarms wet and do two swipes with the deodorant under your arms. That's all!! Too many and it will not work as well. If you have a little access simply use your fingers and rub the rest into your skin. Let it dry for a few seconds and get dressed.


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